Itco is a 100% Italian Company

With registered office in Vittuone, a few kilometers from of Milan. We specialize in producing hair coloring for third parties only, with innovative formulas marketed at domestic and international level. Our products are specifically developed to suit the Customer, with a tailor-made approach which is innate in our company culture and is sustained by a profound knowledge of the hair coloring techniques and markets.

  • System


    The production facility

    of the latest generation and located in the recent production area of 5,000 square meters, is fully automated and ensures complete control of every parameter and stage of product processing and consequently a very high level of product quality.

    The production and packaging lines are designed to allow for maximum flexibility, which is essential in contract service, enabling the production of both small minimum batches and large quantities.

  • Quality


    The quality of the product

    is a top priority for us. Our standards are ensured by the selection of raw materials with specific specifications, strict controls at the input and at all stages of product manufacture up to batch release.

    Constant supervision and revision of processes and products are the basis for continuous improvement, which is essential for total customer satisfaction.

  • R&D Laboratory


    Our R&D Laboratory

    is the beating heart of the Company, where new colors take shape daily. We use innovative all-natural actives and certified organic extracts.

    We have state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure that all our cosmetics are effective and safe. Our regulatory department already ensures that cosmetics are safe at the design stage and can be marketed in any country.